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Company Overview

HomeWorks began in 2003 as a real estate purchasing / sales / financing company in the South Bend, Indiana and surrounding area.  Our first deal was a traditional “flip that house” project like you see on TV.  After a number of early successes, we expanded our capital base in 2005 and began buying, selling and financing projects in the single-family home space.  Our mission was to purchase quality homes that could be sold for their optimal value.  We wanted to provide a quality home to people living in our area at an affordable and fair price.  We also wanted to fund rehabbers who had the execution skills but lacked the necessary capital. 

The 2008-2009 credit crisis and U.S. real estate collapse (now called the Great Recession) marked the period where we faced the most critical decisions regarding the direction of the company.  Bank financing was curtailed or terminated for homeowners and rehabbers alike.  Foreclosures spiked.  Mortgages became harder and harder to get approved.  The demand for investment rental properties by savvy investors swelled but those investors were only interested in buying if they were confident their properties would be well taken care of after the sale. 

Offering full service property management was going to be required so we began the intensive process of creating the best property management company we could build.  We have worked hard to become a technology focused, systems driven operation that works in tandem with the day to day people interaction aspect that comes with property management.  Since 2008, our property management operation has grown significantly.  This is a testament to our commitment to both our property owners and our tenants. 

We have bought and sold over 1,200 properties.  This has given us extensive buying, rehabbing, maintenance, property management, and selling experience.  We have also directly experienced the changes in the residential real estate market over the years.  Our business model has required constant evaluation and evolution.

Property Management Overview

We currently manage over 900 single family homes, duplexes, and multi-units.  Our mission is to be the best property acquisition and management company in the South Bend, Indiana and surrounding area focused on operational excellence and customer experience.

Our primary business functions are:

  • Tenant Acquisition – identification, qualification and placement of tenants
  • Tenant Management – collections through move-outs including maintenance work orders
  • Tenant Relations – correspondence with tenants
  • Owner Relations – correspondence with property owners
  • Broker / Realtor Services – represent buyers and sellers

We utilize a cloud-based property management system that gives both owners and tenants real-time visibility to all relevant information.  We believe in automation and paperless operations wherever possible.  Scanning and uploading documents, pictures, etc. into our property management software is a core business practice at HomeWorks.  Sharing information and transparency are key priorities. 

We have also implemented a sophisticated financial module which allows us to send money anywhere in the world immediately.  At HomeWorks, you are never waiting for a check to come in the mail.

Company Principles

  1. CREDIBLE – We honor our commitments.  We do what we say we will do.
  2. RESPONSIBLE – We are clear and direct in our communication.  Bad news does not get better with age.
  3. HONEST – We bring honesty and integrity to everything we do.
  4. PROACTIVE – We are action oriented.  We make things happen.
  5. CONSIDERATE – We treat people fairly and with respect.

Why HomeWorks?

  • We are committed to being the best property management company in the South Bend, Indiana and surrounding area.
  • We are building a company for the long haul to service investors and property owners for many years to come. 
  • We have detailed property management systems in place to maximize owner visibility and return on investment.
  • We understand property management is the critical execution piece of owning investment properties.   

HomeWorks is “Your Real Estate Resource”.

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